Point Shot for Uniswap! Where Are The Expert Reviews?


Uniswap (UNI), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies since the day it entered the market, continues to grow. UNI, valued by 20% in the last 24 hours, started testing $ 5 again. By the way, an analyst who knew the chart that UNI would draw days ago made a good profit thanks to this rise. So, what are the expert comments for the UNI price that continues to rise?

UNI token price will be announced on September 19, 7; On September 20, it was over $ 5. Local crypto analyst Justtattoo said in his analysis on September 20 that the UNI price could drop to $ 3.74. The analyst predicting that the UNI coin will rise again after this decline has made a point with this prediction. Justtattoo pointed out the critical points for UNI in the chart he shared today and pointed out the range of $ 3.79-4.66.

Where Are The Expert Reviews For UNI?

Uniswap distributed 400 UNIs to tens of thousands of people with the airdrop it organized. Uniswap; Thanks to this airdrop, which is said to be the best in history, it reached a wide support audience. Expert comments for the UNI token developed by Uniswap have also been generally positive since then.

Scott Melker, an analyst known as The Wolf of All Streets on social media, said in his post yesterday that his support point for UNI is in good shape. This sharing of him gave hope to UNI investors for a possible rise.

Local analyst Siesta_laila made a similar post yesterday. Confident in the current level of support on the UNI chart, the analyst decided to buy from this point. The analyst, who gained a gain of 10 percent within a few hours, announced that he will now “continue with a stop” to his remaining transaction.

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