Podcaster Joe Rogan Speaks From The Bottom of His Heart About Will Smith, His Forgiveness and What Real Forgiveness Would Be Like


Before Emancipation, Will Smith was in the headlines for one specific reason. The reason was a slap in the face to his friend Chris Rock in the middle of the Academy Award ceremony. However, the actor apologized for his act, but people did not seem to forgive the actor. Now podcaster Joe Rogan is urging people to forgive the actor.

Although Joe Rogan expressed his opinion about the incident quite aggressively, the podcaster expressed his shock as the Academy allowed Smith to accept his award even after the incident. He preferred Chris Rock because Rogan thought he was just joking. However, now this very podcaster is saying that people should forgive the “Men in Black” actor. Let’s find out the reason and what true forgiveness is, according to Rogan.

Should people forgive Will Smith for the slap incident at the Oscars?

While the incident angered many celebrities and laypeople, there were some people who said they understood the actions of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s husband. Although after the slap incident, Smith appeared in the first major project “Emancipation”. Several times to promote the film, the actor talked about his actions at the Academy Award ceremony and apologized. Although now Joe Rogan also believes that the actor of “Emancipation” should be forgiven, since he has suffered enough.

In his podcast, Rogan said that Smith is also a person who can make mistakes. In his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan said, “They say he is clearly deeply remorseful for what he did.” He also said that throughout his life, Smith received praise and love. But because of one mistake, he became unforgivable.

However, the commentator also revealed who is the real person who really needs to forgive the culprit. This person is Chris Rock himself. Rogen recalled a publicly available video of Smith apologizing to Chris Rock. He said the actor sincerely apologized for his actions. Now the ball is really on Rock’s side, as he needs to forgive his old buddy.

Do you think Chris Rock will follow Rogan’s advice? Well, do you agree with any of the statements and excuses that Joe Rogan just gave? Share your opinion about this in the comment box below.


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