POCO X4: Cell Phone Line Has Release Date Revealed


POCO X4: This Thursday (25), the 91 Mobiles website revealed the supposed release date of the new line of POCO X4 cell phones, through an exclusive source. According to the information, the family will have up to four different models, which will be launched in selected markets globally.

In more detail, the source explains that POCO X4 NFC will hit the international market in the first quarter of 2022, along with the more powerful versions POCO X4 GT and POCO X4 Pro. The base version, called POCO X4, will debut first in India and will succeed POCO X3, very well received among consumers in the region.

So far, only the supposed technical specifications for the POCO X4 and its “Pro” version have been revealed, indicating that the models will be premium intermediates, aiming at greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, the design of the line should not receive many changes compared to what was previously found, keeping the 6.67″ LCD IPS screen and POCO X3 visual.

The site further details that its processor will be a Snapdragon 765G, accompanied by up to 6 GB of RAM and a generous 6,000 mAh battery. The main difference between the two variants would be the presence of Gorilla Glass protection technology on the Pro model’s screen, as well as a small improvement in the camera set.