POCO X3 NFC Sold More Than 100,000 In Three Days


POCO shared the sales success of the X3 NFC model, which it recently introduced and released for sale. Accordingly, the device sold 100,000 units in the first three days.

POCO, which has recently become a sub-brand of Xiaomi, introduced the new smartphone POCO X3 NFC, which promises a very good performance despite its affordable price. The POCO X3 NFC, which managed to be one of the best price / performance phones we have seen in the smartphone industry, was on sale the same day.

Of course, this feature of the smartphone made it the center of attention by users who wanted to buy a new phone. As a result, POCO has achieved great success in the X3 NFC model in a short time. The sales figures announced by POCO today demonstrated this success.

POCO X3 NFC’s sales success has been announced:

According to POCO’s statement, the POCO X3 NFC sold 1,000 units in just 30 seconds after it went on sale. This number managed to increase to 10,000 after half an hour, to 15,000 after 1 hour, and to 61,000 after 24 hours. Within 3 days of its introduction, the device managed to sell more than 100,000 units.

Moreover, POCO achieved this success of the X3 NFC smartphone before it entered major markets with millions of smartphone users such as China and India. Therefore, in the coming days, we will definitely see that the sales figures of the POCO X3 NFC will increase considerably with the entry of its new phone into these markets.

However, to summarize, the device is home to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 732G processor, 6 GB LPDDR4X RAM and 6.67 inch Full HD + 120 Hz display. However, a huge 5.160 mAh battery is also included in the device.

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Moreover, the POCO X3 NFC offers all these features in its 64 GB model with a price tag of only 229 euros. In the model with 128 GB of storage, this price increases to 269 euros.


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