Poco reveals new logo and mascot


POCO announced on Thursday (18) the new logo and the look of the new mascot of the brand. The company’s slogan has also been changed to “Made of Mad” (translated into Portuguese). For now, the new visual identity is aimed exclusively at the Indian market.

The mascot is based on the angry emoji, has antennae similar to the Android mascot and wears a halo. The company revealed that each pet symbol represents an important value for the brand. The halo symbolizes the goodness of work; the antennas represent the brand’s captivating spirit; “angry” eyes indicate the state of concentration to bring the best of technology to the market; and the smile speaks about the company’s mood.

“The new logo generates mixed emotions in the consumer’s mind. It represents every individual looking for better alternatives than what’s mainstream in the market ”, points out the note sent by the company to the Android Authority website. Apparently, POCO should use the mascot in boxes or other company products.


Poco started as a Xiaomi sub-brand in 2018, aimed at consumers on a limited budget. In January last year, the company became independent. However, it still shares the fabrication and even the real hardware with Xiaomi devices. Poco is the third largest smartphone brand in India in terms of online sales volume, according to Counterpoint Research.


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