POCO M2 Pro Receives BIS Certificate In India


POCO M2 Pro, which is thought to be released in a short time, appeared on the website of India’s BIS certification institution. A promotional video about the device was also shared earlier this month.

POCO, a sub-brand of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, is expected to release its new smartphone in the coming days. This new model, which will be released by the company, is thought to be the POCO M2 Pro.

Various information about the POCO M2 Pro model has been revealed before, and we recently transferred one of them to you. This model, which previously appeared on the official website of Xiaomi, was on the site of the BIS certification institution with the same model number.

POCO M2 Pro:

The model number of the device listed on the BIS site was seen as M2003J6CI as the model number previously appeared on Xiaomi’s website. It also appeared on the hardware of the device’s ‘gram’, and the core source code of the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Because of all this, the device was thought to be a variant of the Redmi Note 9 Pro, powered by Snapdragon 720G. The fact that the device appeared on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth listings with Redmi Note 9 Pro models further reinforced this idea.

After one month, POCO M2 Pro appeared this time in BIS certification database of India. This development shows that the device’s release date is also quite close. Also, a promotional video from POCO India Twitter account was shared earlier this month.

Despite all these developments and emerging information, we know very little about the hardware features of the phone. The price of the phone is thought to be less than $ 260 and will be linked to the Redmi Note 9 series for reasons such as the core source code and model number.


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