POCO F1 successor sounds pretty ambitious


One of the smartphones that made their mark in 2018 was undoubtedly the POCO F1. With its affordable price and flagship features, a statement was made for the successor of the device that took the throne in the hearts of technology lovers. The Chinese manufacturer broke its silence after the POCO F2, launched this year, was not as successful as its predecessor. Claims for the model, which we can call the POCO F1 successor, have started to be discussed.

First statement about the POCO F1 successor

POCO, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, tries to fit the high performance at the lowest possible price. The company did this quite well in 2018. The decline following the success of POCO F1 left question marks in mind. According to the statement from POCO, the POCO F2 was not actually the device to be the successor of the first generation.

poco f1 halefi

When we look at the POCO F2, we see details such as 5G, which raise the price tag considerably. It is not right to consider a device with such features as price / performance in 2020. Because 5G technology is new as well as costly. The next model that POCO will launch will be completely affordable and performance oriented. We can call this model the successor of POCO F1.

There are some ideas on the internet for the model on the horizon; The most supported of these is the future of the Lite model of the Snapdragon 875 processor. If we come across a cheaper Snapdragon 875 model, we can see this processor in the new generation POCO.

We’ve seen that Apple and Google can do pretty well with a single rear camera. If we see good camera software on the Xiaomi side, there may be no need for more than one rear camera.

While the statement from the company confirms the POCO F1 successor claims, the possibilities are quite high. More details will be revealed in the following days …


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