PocketBook InkPad Color comes with new E Ink display


The e-book reader company PocketBook has announced its new product called InkPad Color. PocketBook InkPad Color is a device with a 7.8 inch screen and uses the latest color technology of E Ink. This product will be available in Europe and the USA as the first product to feature the new Kaleido panel.

According to the company, the new version of Kaleido has a different color filter layout. This provides better contrast and color saturation than the first Kaleido, which is also a fairly new technology. PocketBook also states that the refresh rate of the screen is also improved with the help of software.

The new Kaleido panel is similar to the previous generation in terms of other features. There is 300 dpi resolution for monochrome content and 100 dpi resolution for color images. Thanks to the larger screen size, the screen resolution has been increased to 1404 x 1872. The InkPad Color has a weight of 225 gr and a thickness of 8 millimeters. This makes it easily portable.

InkPad Color was sold abroad with a price tag of $ 329.


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