Pochettino is not ruled out by language for Bayern bank


Mauricio Pochettino does not believe in language-conditioned barriers to pursue his career in the football elite as a football coach. “I did not speak English and directed at the Premier, Ancelotti did not speak German. Pep had studied. That is not an impediment today,” he said in Fox when he was asked to go to Bayern Münich.

The former Tottenham, however, delayed his time to negotiate for another week, as he still needs some free time to process his departure from North London and embark on another adventure.

José Mourinho relieved him in the Spurs a few days after he leaned at the feet of the giant Bavaria for 2 to 7 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the Champions League. Niko Kovac had not yet been disconnected from the visitor nor he from the premises. Flick didn’t enter the equation at that height either.

“In the world of football there is a lot of information that is reliable and another that is not. Nor do I know, it is information that people handle and the media. I am in a break, thinking about breathing and regenerating after five really hard years in Tottenham. When I return next week I will already be open to what my situation and my future are, always calmly after a long process it is always important to have another vision and get away from the situation a bit but with the intact desire to face another project and be happy being on the playing field, “said Murphy who began his career at the banks with Espanyol de Catalunya, the same club with which he experienced his first adventure on the courts of Europe, where he intends to return.

“He signed it to me. He is the new model. With love, he put me on. He is the same as I feel for him”, he threw on the shirt of Diego Maradona that was taken as a gift before the Gymnastics – Central Córdoba that went to look.


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