Poblets: which club to join


Once Ooblets players set up their initial character and leave their hometown in search of a better place, they will find themselves in a place called Badgetown, which is teeming with Ooblets. There they will meet with the mayor of Tinstle, who gives the players a small task: to talk to eight residents of Badgetown.

After all the players finish meeting and greeting, Tinstle will gather the leaders of the Ooblet club. And now the players will need to listen to each leader to decide which club suits them best.

What are Ooblet clubs?

Clubs in Ooblets are, in fact, small social groups in Badgetown, each of which has its own style and personality, with a special lifestyle and enjoyment of life.

Fortunately, the only thing that is significantly influenced by the choice of the club is the starting players of Ooblet. And it’s worth noting that even if players choose a club and skip other Ooblet options, they will still have a chance to get those blocked Ooblets later in the game.

Which Ooblet club to join

Since the choice of club only affects the starting Ooblet, players should simply choose the club with which they most match. Of course, choosing the best Ooblet is also a good choice, so try to choose the most attractive one.

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Frunbuns Club

The Frunbuns club is headed by Melda, and the team likes to call themselves “cute cuties who love cute things.” Choosing this club will give players an Ooblet named Tud, which will be an excellent support in dance battles.

the mimpin club

Club Mimpins is a club for smart people who are not very good at talking to others in social situations. This is definitely a club for introverts who prefer to relax at home rather than hang out all night long.

It is controlled by Videon, and players will get a starter Ooblet named Sidekey, who also seems to be a robot that is great for supporting the team during Ooblets dance battles.

Moss Sprouts Club

Mossprouts Club is headed by Outgrid and it is a club for those who like to be with Mother Nature outdoors. This is for people who love adventure and can’t wait for the next big trip. Choosing this club will give players a mushroom-shaped flyby named Shrambo, which is a more balanced creature for battles.

Pixnub Club

Club Peaksub is run by Basil, and they like to be proud that they are natural leaders, competitive and striving for greatness. Players who choose this club will receive a Bittle, an aggressive flyby.

Ooblets is now available on PC, Switch and Xbox One.


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