Poblets: how to repair a farm


Similar to other cute life simulation games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Bear and Breakfast, Ooblets players can furnish their home with all kinds of furniture according to their style. However, players in a hurry to decorate their home may be disappointed to learn that they must first renovate the house by collecting some materials.

Farm repairs in Ooblets

To repair the farm so that players can finally decorate it, they will need to collect three types of items:

12 boards 8 babysitters 5 napkins

How to get nurni

Nurni will be one of the easiest materials for Ooblets players, as they can be obtained near the players’ homes. Go to the plot of land in front of the old shack, where the players have already started to grow overflights and crops. There should be a lot of stones and logs lying around.

To find Nurni, enter Farming Mode and use some Energy to smash the rocks. If the players have little energy, they should go to the menu and eat the food. Getting the required number of Nurnies will not take much time.

How to get planklets

Plaques can be obtained in the same way as Nurni. Players just need to go to their farm and use the Energy to break logs and branches.

Each broken one will reward the players with several planklets. It will also give players more space to grow Ooblets and other things.

How to find rags

Clothes can cause players the most problems, as it seems that these items are randomly placed in Badgetown. The location of Clothlets in our playthrough may differ from other players, but we will continue and list some areas where we found them.:

To the right of the Town Hall, behind the Arwen Next to the Vichy Well in front of the Town Hall To the left of the deflated balloon In front of the Dance Barn near the Frunbuns Club building Next to the Badgetown Tower Obnet

If players have trouble finding Clothlets in their city, they may try to fall asleep later at night to start the next day. Clothlets need to be reborn in new areas, so keep walking. In addition, players can go to the Mfa seed store and buy tissue plant seeds. It takes three days to grow each one and costs 32 marmalades. Use a little fertilizer to speed up the process.

Once all the materials are found, players can return to the deposit box in front of the farm and drop everything. Now the house will be renovated and players will be able to start decorating it as soon as they get the furniture.

Ooblets is available on PC, Switch and Xbox One.


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