Poblets: How to level up The Wildlands


Wildlands has a lot to offer players just by existing in Ooblets. When players open it, they have a place where they can store all the extra overflights, effectively creating an area where they can store overflights until gamers want to pick them up later.

But gamers should still make raising the level of Wildlands a priority goal. The number of catch-up games is limited, so start right now. So how do the players achieve to return the Wild Lands in all their glory? This is something gamers at Ooblets should ask themselves once they create it.

Completing the Wildlands Daily Goal

There is a bulletin board at the fence next to the entrance to the Wildlands. Click the “View” button when it is nearby and read it. This is the section at the top left that will say “Our current goal”. Each trial expires every two days, but there is a significant advantage in completing these trials earlier.

Goals will be reset at the end of each day if the previous goal has been reached. Thus, achieving the goal on the same day means that the level of Wildlands will increase twice as fast compared to players who take a full two days.

A daily goal will increase the total Wildlands experience by 25 for each goal. This is the only current way to gain experience for the Wildlands. Although there is a place on the right side where you can get rid of overflights, this does not regulate the experience counter (located in the lower left corner of the bulletin board).

The levels will open areas with rare resources. It’s worth going here to collect them every day, so at least for convenience reasons, check the daily goal. Those who will not see that catching up is a slow process. This leveling process cannot be completed immediately, it requires a daily task, so start as early as possible and do not stop until you reach the maximum level.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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