Poblets: how long to win


Although the question of how long it takes Ooblets to win is a simple question, there is actually no simple answer to it. It’s a game with amazing difficulty, quite deceptive considering the charming graphics. Players can get stuck at certain points and stop for a while trying to find certain resources.

Another part of the problem is the definition. Ooblets does not ignore its inspiration from Pokemon, and this question is a good example. Is the game over when all the opponents are defeated? When did the players catch them all? When did they raise the level of their group to the highest possible level? It comes down more to opinion than facts.

Gamers should keep an eye on the site HowLongToBeat.com to compare this information with other players.

How long to win Ooblets

Turning on all Oobnet towers: 14 hours of Almanac Passage: 17 hours Full completion: 20 hours

These are approximate timestamps for each of the markers, which can reasonably be considered a “victory in the game”. This time assumes that the players are moving at a reasonable pace: they can run, but they do not completely abandon the basic elements of the gameplay.

If any quest is considered “basic”, it will activate all Oobnet towers. Of course, this is not something that gamers can just rush and do. Of course, speedrunners can accomplish the feat in a few hours, but most players who take care of their farms and overflights will need about 14 hours to cope with it, without even stopping to farm and complete tasks for friends.

The almanac is a mixture of a typical RPG magazine and a codex. Its completion may seem somewhat finished in nature, but it has a lot of tasks and icons that seem quite important for the game.

Finally, there is a completion standard where players not only caught each flyby, but also received their statuettes and placed them in the town hall. This is all in addition to filling out the almanac and activating the towers, of course.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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