Poblets: A complete guide to buffs/debuffs


Those who do not understand how to win a dance tournament in Ooblets will have a very painful gaming experience. The management of the battle boils down to gaining a certain number of points before the enemy strikes it. Although it may seem that it’s all about the raw amounts of points, this is not entirely accurate.

Most often, the team that wins the battle wins the buffs/debuffs battle. Players who stack their stripes with the correct buffs can get the number of points for the entire battle in one round. On the other hand, those who get too many debuffs may not earn a single point, even with the strongest cards that Ooblets can offer.

Buff: Hype

Adds another point for each stack of hype.

Cheating is described in the game as a move that “increases the power of dance moves.” It should be noted that this only applies to the total number of points, for example, receiving or stealing points. Deafening movements will not last longer, and warming-up movements will not be performed in fewer rounds.

At the moment, the hype is the only buff in the game, but it’s a good one. After ten stacks of HYPE, even with zero points, it is quite possible to win in one move with a good draw.

Debuff: Excitement

Adds one point less for each Fluster stack.

It never happens that gamers continue to play, enjoying their video games, listening to podcasts, and suddenly, out of nowhere, they lost in a crushing way, although up to that point the game was so simple.

Fluster does the opposite of what Hype does, taking a point that could be obtained with cards. This value cannot become negative, but after about ten Fluster stacks, it becomes almost impossible to get at least one point before the end of the dance. Use Fluster against enemies and, if they use it in the main character’s team, neutralize the effect by creating Hype as quickly as possible.

Debuff: Awe

Adds one useless card to the deck for each stack of Awe.

Especially in battles with three or fewer overflights, this debuff can be equivalent to destroying the player’s entire turn. Teams draw a certain number of cards, and this diversity plays a huge role in winning the game. If half of the cards they draw are useless, then they cannot implement a certain strategy.

Be careful, as some overflights offer an advantage by adding Trepidation to the player’s own deck. They don’t usually get out of control, as Hype and Fluster can, but in more intense dance productions, it can be the equivalent of a stun that can happen at any moment.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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