Poachers Kill the Rare White Giraffe and Its Cub


A female white giraffe and her offspring, which are rare in Kenya and have no spots, were killed by poachers. The incident revealed how effective poaching is in species extinction.

The white giraffe and her cub killed by poachers were found in a village in Garissa, north of Kenya. The death of two white giraffes was announced today by a statement made by the authorities on social media.

In the statement made by the Garissa County Protection Center on social media, the mother giraffe was killed by poachers with a gun. In addition to the white giraffe, the mother found a dead child. The authorities explained that the deceased puppy was three or four months old, and that he died of starvation after his mother died.

Ishaqbini Hirola conservation program manager Mohammed Ahmednoor made a statement about the death of the white giraffe and her offspring. “Today is a very sad day for Ijara and Kenya,” Ahmednoor said in a statement. We are the only community in the world responsible for the white giraffe. The killing of the white giraffe is a blow to the enormous steps taken to protect rare and unique species. ”

White giraffe is an extremely rare species. The unique appearance of white giraffes is due to a partial loss of pigment known as leukism. Unlike albinism, leukism allows the production of some dark pigment. Therefore, the eyes of the animals are darker rather than red.

The murdered female white giraffe was previously viewed with her cub. The three-person white giraffe family lived in a conservation area in Kenya. After the deaths, only one white giraffe remained in the area.

White giraffes were previously observed in 1956, 2005, 2011 and 2015. Experts think that leukism in white giraffes can be genetic and pass from mother to offspring. Leukism is not just in a situation seen with white giraffes. Similar situations have been previously found in animals such as cobras and woodpeckers.


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