Pluto TV receives 3 new free channels


Relatively new to today’s busy digital TV scene, Pluto TV has been in the United States for years, but is a newcomer to Spain and other parts of Europe. In fact, it arrived at the end of last October, and what makes it attractive is that, although it does not have a content catalog as vast as Netflix or HBO, it can boast of something that the others do not: free service without cost or subscription.

A hybrid linear TV and VOD with ads

Pluto TV is a content streaming service from ViacomCBS Networks that does not need a subscription like other platforms, or even create an account. In this way, Pluto TV’s offer is mostly linear, although it also offers content on demand, which makes it a unique hybrid of the two current Television models.

You can choose one of the channels with linear broadcasting, or you can view some of those contents by choosing them, also divided by categories such as Cinema, Series, etc. The platform will even offer the option as in the TiVO to save or start from the beginning certain linear contents that are started when we turn on the device. But not all linear content will be available on demand.

Three new channels for Pluto TV

At its premiere, the service came with 40 exclusive channels themed with movies, series, children’s programming, reality shows, sports, gaming, etc. The service also includes a catalog of video on demand content, all of which are also free. Currently, the 40 channels are these:

Pluto TV Cinema
Pluto TV Cinema Action
Romantic Cinema
Pluto TV Cinema Drama
Pluto TV Cinema Comedy
The rules of the game
The Midsomer Murders
Curro Jiménez
Mutant X
MTV Originals
MTV Catfish
The invisible girl
MTV Cribs
Real life
The Conqueror
Real world
Ana and the 7
Comedy Made in Spain
What a week
The Pet collective
People are awesome
The new detectives
FBI files
Action Sports
Big time rush
Blue’s Clues
go Diego Go
Kids Halloween

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To which we must add these new ones, focused directly on the Christmas theme – and it is that we are just over 1 month and 1 week away from Christmas:

– MTV Hits Navidad, a music channel dedicated entirely to Christmas songs

– Pluto TV Christmas, channel focused on Christmas-themed movies

– Kids Christmas, channel focused on children’s content and at the same time Christmas

Just like watching conventional TV, Pluto TV offers you all its content for free in exchange for inserting commercials. In this case there is no defined amount of advertising minutes for each content – it will vary depending on what you are watching – but there is a limit: No more than 12 minutes of ads for each hour of content, so the average will be between 6 – 8 minutes.


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