Pluto TV hacked: leaking the data of 3.2 million users


Less than a month ago, at the end of October, Pluto TV arrived in Spain and other countries, an Internet TV platform that mixes linear television content -channels in which you do not choose what to watch, but what to program- and VOD content that choose the user. And all this for free, without paying anything and without even having to subscribe or register, profile or anything.

Where is the trick? In that everything is free because the contents come with advertisements – as if you were watching a channel like Telecinco or Antena 3.

Pluto TV hacked

If you are a Pluto TV user, this interests you, because according to the Bleeping Computer website, the Pluto TV service -which has been installed in the United States for years- has been hacked: apparently, a cybercriminal has managed to get the data from 3, 2 million Pluto TV users, stealing them and exposing them publicly.

The hacker or group of hackers appears to be ShinyHunters, responsible for a large number of database hacks, particularly Microsoft’s private GitHub repository. In the last months of this year, ShiniHunters seemed to have disappeared, and with it there were fewer data breaches and security systems reported. But it seems clear that they have returned, since not only Pluto TV has been affected, but also other services such as the online game for children Animal Jam or the online educational platform Geekie.

Was Pluto TV hacked?

According to samples from the stolen Pluto TV database that Bleeping Computer has seen, it contains:

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– User names

– Email

– Addresses

– Passwords

– Birthday

– IP addresses

– Platform or platforms that user uses to view the contents of Pluto TV.

Of course, if you are one of those who have been watching the service since it arrived in Spain, it seems that you do not have to worry, since the stolen data seems to be 2 years old, with the last record made on October 12, 2018 – and as we pointed out, Pluto TV arrived in Spain 3 weeks ago.

Pluto TV itself has not officially confirmed if this theft has taken place, and all it has said is that they are investigating it, according to an email sent to Bleeping Computer.


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