Google Maps releases codes that replace addresses


In a recent update, Google Maps is surviving Plus Codes – alphanumeric codes to share its location. Don’t know your address or don’t know how to describe a reference? The Plus Code takes over the situation and allows you to share your current position with others.

Introduced 5 years ago, Plus Codes sought to speed up the sharing of addresses by replacing them with codes that could be searched on Google Maps or Google itself. Unfortunately, the novelty did not please and the resource ended up falling by the wayside.

Now, Google gives Plus Code a new chance by making its access more intuitive. The user who accesses the map and clicks on a location, will have the Plus Code in hand to share it quickly.

To share the Plus Code of your current location, the user must access Google Maps and click on the “blue ball” that indicates their position. Then, the code will be available at the top of the page. To share another location, just mark it on the map and the code will appear in the same place.

To find an address, the process is equally simple: just copy the code received and search for it on Google Maps or Google.

This tool is especially important to arrange meetings with practicality; share your location if you need guidance from another and travel to unknown places. Certainly, it is another important tool that guarantees agility for various everyday situations.

Finally, the Google project is open source, allowing the community to adopt the tool in their own applications and complement Google’s work.

Plus Codes will be integrated into Google Maps sometime in the coming weeks by an update. First, the feature will be made available in the app for Android devices and should be released for iPhone and computer shortly thereafter.

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