Plus belle la vie: Will the Baptiste host Camille at his home?


Camille managed to escape her captor in Plus belle la vie and wishes to stay in the Mistral. Baptiste could well host it.

Camille managed to escape Jacob and his captor died in Plus belle la vie. The young woman wishes to stay in the Mistral, but Baptiste wonders if he should accommodate her. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

The nightmare ended for Camille in Plus belle la vie. For several weeks, fans of the France 3 soap opera followed a big intrigue around Emma. The young woman found her sister, Camille, and was very surprised to see her again. And for good reason, the latter disappeared several years ago.

Emma quickly realized that Jacob kidnapped Camille. The perpetrator faced the death of his daughter and therefore wanted to make up for her absence. He therefore raised Camille as his own child for many years. So, she was treated pretty well, but remained in his grip.

After Camille’s escape, Jacob found himself a new victim: Lucie. He kidnapped Boher’s daughter in order to do a huge blackmail. The mobster was desperate for Camille to come back to his side. So she found him so that he could free the little girl. However, it all took a dramatic turn in Plus belle la vie.

Camille tricked Jacob so Lucie could escape. Subsequently, there was a big explosion and her captor perished in the flames. The young woman is therefore finally free and can start a whole new life. However, she especially wants to stay with her sister in the Mistral.

Plus belle la vie: Baptiste ready to accommodate Camille at his place?


In the next episode of Plus belle la vie, Emma will want her sister to move in with her, but runs into a big problem. Indeed, Baptiste will not want Camille to come and disrupt their life. Mathis’s mother will therefore try to convince him, but he will not change his position.

Camille will join Baptiste and will want to understand why he doesn’t like her. The young man will be honest and confide in her that he does not want to lose his balance with Emma and Mathis. Emma’s sister will be touched and apologize for disrupting their lives in recent weeks. She will promise to be as discreet as possible.

A little later, Eugenie will want to do an interview on the Jacob affair and will want to ask Camille questions. The young woman will be very uncomfortable and Baptiste will not hesitate to intervene and defend her against Eugenie. He’s going to fire the reporter and make a very important decision.

After realizing that Camille needs to rebuild himself, Baptiste will agree to host her in Plus belle la vie. He will even tell her that she is welcome to their family. Emma will rejoice and introduce Camille to Gabriel and Thomas.