Plus belle la vie: Will Luna and Bertrand be a couple?


Luna’s private life continues to intrigue viewers of “Plus belle la vie”. In any case, she seems to want to move on.

In recent weeks, Luna has had a pretty hectic daily life in “Plus belle la vie”. Particularly within his private life. Mirta’s daughter now knows what she wants! And she no longer takes tweezers to let it be known.

Lately, the writers of “Plus belle la vie” have put the package to spice up the intrigues of the series. To the chagrin of their loved ones, Jean-Paul Boher and Samia spent a lot of time together a few days before their respective weddings.

Lucie’s parents seem totally lost in their sentimental situation. Hadrian’s fiancée realized that she still had feelings for her ex.

As for Léo Castelli’s colleague (besides Samia), he also got very close to Léa. To make matters worse, Jean-Paul does not make much effort to perfect the organization of his union with Irina.

But they are not the only characters of “Plus belle la vie” to have a rather complicated personal life. In recent weeks, Luna’s daily life has been particularly turned upside down!


At this moment in “More beautiful life”, the daughter of Mirta Torres has found a smile! Mouss was finally cleared in the Monique Perrier case, which Mazelle stuck to his back.

For his part, because of all his actions, the commissioner will certainly spend the rest of his life behind bars. In short, good news!

But all this indirectly marked Luna. Wanting to help Mouss, Rudy’s mother agreed – in the past – to work in the Baumettes theater club.

Incarcerated in this prison, her ex Pavel did everything to win her back. But the latter plunged into a black anger when he learned that Luna was having an affair with Bertrand the physiotherapist.

Wounded, Irina’s father did not hesitate to betray her, undermining Mouss’s escape. Determined to turn the page with Pavel, Luna will not give Bertrand a chance either.

Sasha’s ex prefers to end their story and focus on her. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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