Plus belle la vie: will Fabienne Carat return to the series?


In an interview with Télé Star, Fabienne Carat confided in her possible return in future episodes of Plus belle la vie!

This is a huge blow to the fans of Plus belle la vie. After years of playing Samia, Fabienne Carat has decided to leave the series. Some still espouse the hope of seeing her again from time to time.

Last October, Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) told Télé Star: “I decided to say goodbye to the character of Samia. You also become an actress to embody as many characters as possible ”.

Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) also added: “There were times when I wanted to interpret others. What I do, but in a moderate way because the series is very time-consuming ”.

The young woman also explained: “People imagine that we will never be available for a new project”. But finally, the beautiful has indeed said goodbye to the series this Friday, January 8.


Regarding her last day of filming, Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) told Télé Star: “We couldn’t organize a party because of the sanitary conditions. But everything has been done to ensure that this departure is engraved in stone ”.

She also added: “It was really, really touching.” On the other hand, some fans are wondering if she will be able to return to the series from time to time. Unfortunately, this is not at all relevant for Fabienne Carat.

The Plus belle la vie actress explained, “I don’t think so. When I make a decision, it’s because I got it right “. One thing is certain, his farewell to the series is sure to touch fans.

For her departure, she decided to leave the Mistral to fly to Algeria. She only wrote two farewell letters to Boher and his daughter Lucie.