Plus belle la vie: two intruders enter the studios!


Two intruders broke into the studios of the Plus belle la vie series! We give you more details. Intruders have entered the studios of the series Plus belle la vie!

This Wednesday evening, an adult and a 12-year-old child would have entered the studios of the French soap opera Plus belle la vie. A simple crazy bet or a real burglary attempt?

In any case, the two individuals were not able to end their unauthorized visit as he wished at Studio 37 in Marseille. The media La Provence, reports that the two intruders were seen and caught by security agents present at the scene.

It was shortly after 11 p.m. when the two people wanted to visit the premises of Plus belle la vie, without being invited. The child and the adult would also have to break a window in order to enter the premises.


This time around, it didn’t really seem planned in the script for the soap opera Plus belle la vie. But this episode did take place.

Worthy of a real movie! The two intruders ended up at the police station. The latter questioned them in order to try to understand what was their motives.

For the moment, no official announcement explains in detail this curious episode to say the least! But the two intruders are unlikely to escape unscathed.

Tonight, fans of the series will be able to find their favorite series on the France 3 channel. In other words, this year 2021 comes with its share of surprises for the characters of Plus belle la vie.

Jean-Paul gets the wrong name and Samia flees her own marriage! Pavel for his part infiltrates the church without the knowledge of the police.

Sabrina distances herself from her friends and feels that she does not deserve either Mouss’s forgiveness or Nathan’s help. To be continued in the next episodes!