Plus belle la vie: the last scene of Samia unveiled!


As Samia prepares to say goodbye to the Mistral in Plus belle la vie, fans may well be moved by her final scene!

It’s a big blow to Fabienne Carat fans. The latter will leave Plus belle la vie. And the least that can be said is that she reserved a lot of emotion with Samia’s very last scene.

For years now, Fabienne Carat has played Samia in the Plus belle la vie series. As time went on, fans got really attached to her character. They followed his latest adventures with Hadrien and Boher.

As a reminder, Samia (Plus belle la vie) had an adorable little girl with Boher. Unfortunately, the two lovebirds have decided to part ways. The pretty brunette has therefore rebuilt her life with Hadrien. When she was supposed to marry him, she changed her mind.

About to say “yes” to Hadrian, Samia finally realized that she still had a love for Boher. One thing’s for sure, the fans really thought they were going to get back together. But it failed.


During his marriage to Irina, Boher did not ask for Samia’s hand in marriage, but for Leah’s. The young man realized that he had feelings for her. A real blow for Lucie’s mother.

Samia therefore wrote a farewell letter to Boher and their daughter Lucie. Indeed, she decided to leave everything following this big love disappointment. A very unexpected departure, especially as fans find it hard to imagine her dropping her child.

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But that’s what Samia decided to do. Indeed, after writing her farewell letters, she took a plane to Algeria. We can’t wait to hear the reaction of Boher and his little girl Lucie.

The two will surely be very angry with the young woman. Case to follow!


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