Plus belle la vie: The future of Boher and Lucie is sad!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul Boher and his daughter Lucie will have to deal with Samia’s sudden departure!

Fans of “Plus belle la vie” are still struggling to get over it! Indeed, Samia will leave Marseille to the chagrin of Lucie and Jean-Paul.

At the moment, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” are certainly overwhelmed by certain events that have taken place within the Mistral. Indeed, Samia’s marriage turned into a fiasco.

As a reminder, the young woman realized that she still loved her daughter’s father desperately. Hoping to relive a love affair with the latter, she decided to call off her union with Hadrien at the last minute.

For his part in “More beautiful life”, Jean-Paul made a hell of a blunder with Irina. When exchanging his vows with his fiancée, he accidentally pronounced Lea’s first name!

Wanting to save his daughter’s honor, Pavel therefore promised revenge! And the consequences could be dire.


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Samia would like to take stock of her sentimental life. To do so, she therefore decided to leave Marseille.

Indeed, Hadrian’s ex-fiancée understood that his ex-boyfriend had turned the page. And he seems totally in love with Lea.

Unsurprisingly, Jean-Paul and little Lucie will have trouble recovering from Samia’s departure. For the writers of “Plus belle la vie, now is also the time for reflection.

Indeed, the future of these two characters questions. Especially that of Lucie – brilliantly interpreted by Romane Libert.

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To believe “Toutelatélé.com”, the production of the series could for a time put aside all the intrigues focused on the latter. A withdrawal to better come back ?! So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”.


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