Plus belle la vie: Samia is depressed because of Jean-Paul!


Samia and Boher will not get back together in Plus belle la vie. Hadrian’s ex is at its worst and depressed. Samia hoped to be able to get back into a relationship with Jean-Paul in Plus belle la vie. The policeman however has feelings for Leah and Lucie’s mother will be depressed in the rest of the episodes. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Samia ready to have a big depression because of Boher? A few days ago, Lucie’s mother gave up marrying Hadrien in Plus belle la vie. Indeed, after arguing for a long time with her ex, she realized that she was still in love with him.

For his part, Boher was to marry Irina and had planned everything. However, during the ceremony, the policeman used Leah’s first name instead of Irina’s. A big blow for Irina who felt betrayed by her partner.

Boher ultimately didn’t get married to Irina in Plus belle la vie and has serious doubts. Indeed, he begins to understand that he is in love with Leah. Besides, he feels very uncomfortable with Samia, who is doing everything to win him back.

In the past episode, Lea was shot while trying to protect Boher from Samir. Jean-Paul is going to declare his love for Léa and it will break Samia’s heart.


In the sequel to Plus belle la vie, Boher will visit Lea’s bedside in the hospital and will make a beautiful declaration of love to her. Nevertheless, Samia will be by his side and will feel very uncomfortable. Lucie’s mother will understand that she will never get back together with her ex.

Thus, she will start to get depressed in her apartment and Lucie will find her as hard as possible. Samia will have to tell her daughter that she will never live with both parents again. Afterwards, she will confide in her friend and explain to her that she is heartbroken.

“Everything is falling apart,” she said to her friend. Samia will take stock of her love life and understand that she has never been really happy. His marriage to Hadrian came to nothing because he was not present enough. However, she will find that Jean-Paul was “very endearing”.

Thus, Samia will have to mourn in Plus belle la vie. She may be very jealous of Lea in the rest of the episodes. Enough to soon precipitate his departure a little more …


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