Plus belle la vie: Samia confesses her feelings to Boher

In the episode of Plus belle la vie on Wednesday, December 30, Samia confessed her feelings to Boher. But she made a big mistake!

It’s a twist that surprised many in Plus belle la vie. Samia decided to confess her feelings to Boher. On the other hand, she made a big blunder that could call everything into question.

For several episodes already, fans of Plus belle la vie have noticed the connections between Samia and Boher. Initially, they both spent Christmas Eve after a series of events.

Samia and Boher were in charge of collecting the Christmas Eve meal. Unfortunately, both broke down. Bad luck, Boher’s cell phone (Plus belle la vie) ran out of battery and Samia forgot hers.

The two therefore spent their evening recalling memories. But that’s not all. They also made some pretty amazing confidences. They said they did not see themselves related to another person.

More beautiful life: Samia confesses her feelings to Boher and makes a mistake!


The more time passes, the more Samia and Boher (Plus belle la vie) have decided to get closer. The two admitted, on their own, that they always felt something for each other. The beauty has decided to confide in her feelings.

The young woman realized that she had forgotten to pick up her wedding dress. Boher then decides to come with her to the store. He doesn’t hesitate to pass himself off as her future husband. But things get out of hand in the series.

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While Samia is doing her fittings to retouch her dress, she confesses her feelings to Boher. But the latter was no longer in the room. Seeing Hadrien arrive in the shop, he quietly fled.

Samia shows all her love to Boher from the cabin. But when she opens the curtain, she discovers that there is Hadrian. A huge blunder that could call everything into question. Case to follow!



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