Plus belle la vie: Samia and Boher suspect their marriage!


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, the former lovebirds Samia and Boher will hesitate to cancel their marriage.

Nothing goes for Jean-Paul Boher and Samia Nasri in Plus Belle La Vie. They no longer know whether they should maintain their respective marriages.

Samia and Boher are lost! For long weeks in the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, Lucie’s parents have been turning around.

Problem, the former lovebirds must soon marry their new spouse. Between them, their story is well and truly over.

But with the preparation of these two marriages, the two inhabitants of the Mistral would have finally realized … that they still loved each other.

So, an important question arises: should they still marry Irina for Boher, and Hadrien for Samia (Fabienne Carat)?

They don’t know anymore! Thus, the police officer asked his friend Léa for advice. The nurse is convinced that her doubts are only fleeting.

Thus, Jean-Paul must not back down and still say “yes” to Irina. But her ex, in Plus Belle La Vie, does not seem so confident …

In fact, the one who left the police to go into politics discussed it with Estelle. In his head, everything is mixed!


Indeed, Samia does not know at all what to think. Especially since the young woman had the opportunity to reunite with her ex from Plus Belle La Vie … overnight.

“I spent the night with Jean-Paul,” the deputy mayor told the beautician. Which is surprisingly about her getting ready to marry Hadrian.

Thus, the pretty brunette reassures her. ” But no ! I actually slept on the sofa. And he, in his room. ”

Still, Samia might have liked them to have been in the same bed. And this for life. Will they eventually take the plunge? Case to follow in Plus Belle La Vie.


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