Plus belle la vie: Samia and Boher on New Years Eve!


Samia and Boher continue to get closer in Plus belle la vie. Will the two exes end up together? This is what we will find out soon.

You know, for weeks Boher and Samia have been getting closer in Plus belle la vie. But normally, the two exes have to marry someone else on December 31st. But will they really do it? Nothing is really sure.

Especially since the Samia actress is leaving at the end of the year. We will therefore have to finish this whole story. So if Boher and Samia seem to be getting closer lately will they end up together and in love? What we already know is that the young woman will flee.

She will flee on her wedding day, unable to say “yes” to Hadrian. But on New Years Eve, nothing is going to go as planned. Normally, the 4 characters have to spend the evening together, at Hadrian’s parents.

They receive everyone with great fanfare. But if Hadrian and Irina are ready, no sign of life from Boher and Samia. The reason is obvious, they have just suffered a car breakdown. But will they join them in Plus belle la vie?


Since their car has just broken down, they take the opportunity to spend some time together in Plus belle la vie. So, they decide to have a little picnic with the food they were to bring back for the evening.

Ile even take the opportunity to remember their best memories together. Funny atmosphere! They of course end up talking about Lucie, their daughter. What beautiful moments that make the former spouses a little nostalgic.

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But worried, their spouses start to search for them. It must be said that they gave no sign of life. In any case, when we see these images we can assume that things will turn badly in Plus belle la vie. Case to be continued.


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