Plus belle la vie: Sabrina is closer and closer to Chloe!


Sabrina is worried about Chloe in Plus belle la vie. The young woman tries to help him go up the slope but it is not easy.

Sabrina worries about her friend in Plus belle la vie. Chloe is really sick, so the girl is trying to take care of her. She can’t bring herself to leave her alone. But how is she going to get by? We are wondering.

Chloe is homeless. But she can count on Sabrina. The waitress is however not in great shape at the moment. Even though Nathan just helped him find a new job. His relationship with his boss is really not that great.

That doesn’t stop her from worrying about her friend in Plus belle la vie. But one morning, before leaving for work, Sabrina stops by to see Chloe. But this one is terribly ill. Seized by the cold, she vomits on him. But she doesn’t want to be taken to the hospital.

But when she gets to work, her T-shirt is so dirty. Her boss gives her a new one but invites her to stay next when she changes. Which reinforces Sabrina’s discomfort. She feels a little in danger facing this intrusive boss.


At the end of her work, Sabrina brings medicines to Chloe. She’s really worried about what will happen next. She then asks her friend to go up the slope. And that she will help him with his efforts. A beautiful story of friendship in Plus belle la vie.

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In any case, Sabrina is also in a great trouble. If she doesn’t say anything at first about her boss’s advances, things will soon change. In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, the young woman will react quite violently.

Once again, the series tackles topics from the daily life of many women in France. A subject close to the hearts of directors. So how is Sabrina going to get out of this? Will Chloe go up the slope? Case to be continued.


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