Plus belle la vie: Sabrina forced to face a perverted boss!


In “More beautiful life”, the problems accumulate for Sabrina. The young woman is the victim of sexual harassment in her new job!

The character of Sabrina has seen better days in “Plus belle la vie”. Happy to have found a new job in Marseille, the young woman will quickly become disillusioned with the inappropriate behavior of her boss.

At the moment, many intrigues are to be followed in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, some characters suffer the full force of Pavel’s anger.

As a reminder, Luna’s ex does not forgive Jean-Paul for causing his daughter’s misfortune by annulling their marriage. Determined, he intends to make her pay for this affront by attacking those close to him.

And it is Leah who is the first to suffer the consequences. Lately in “Plus belle la vie”, Babeth’s daughter was shot and wounded by the latter.

Fortunately, more fear than harm for the young woman who is currently recovering. But for the moment, caution is in order as long as Pavel is still roaming the Mistral.

But Lea is not the only character in the series to be in turmoil. Indeed, Sabrina who has found a new job as a waitress in one of the Mistral bars will quickly become disillusioned. You will soon understand why.


At the moment, nothing is going well for Sabrina in “Plus belle la vie”. After Stan des Baumettes’ failed escape, the young man abruptly ended their relationship.

To make matters worse, Thomas’s ex-colleague can no longer bear the happiness of Mila and Mouss in the roommate. After several months of unemployment, she also found it difficult to pay her share of the rent, causing some tension.

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Fortunately, Nathan is never far to help him. He also motivated her to find a job as a waitress in Marseille.

Unfortunately for Sabrina, she is going to experience sexual harassment at her new job. His boss will not hesitate for a second to abuse his authority and the situation. Over the course of the episodes, the young woman will even live through hell.

Uncomfortable and wanting to keep her job, the latter will remain silent for a while before reacting strongly. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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