Plus belle la vie: Pavel can escape from prison!


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Pavel, alias Andrés, may well succeed in escaping from the Baumettes prison …

After Mouss, it will be Pavel’s turn to escape from the Baumettes prison. In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, he will put his plan into action.

Escape from the Baumettes prison? Pavel in a dream! For many episodes in the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, the mobster thinks only of that.

Indeed, the former companion of Luna Torres then witnessed the escape of Mouss (Boubacar Kabo). In fact, this one went off successfully.

So the former physiotherapist would like to experience the same success. That is to say, escape from the prison and take it easy in the Mistral district.

However, will Pavel actually manage to escape? Will he carry out his plan? Attention spoilers! The answer is yes…

In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, the one who has frightened the Marseillais in recent years will not be cold in the eyes.

So, how will his escape unfold? It’s very simple. Pavel will have thought of everything. And this, thanks to Luna’s help …


Thanks to Luna’s negotiating skills, all the prisoners of the Baumettes then go to a festive meal. A first in Plus Belle La Vie!

However, all good things are coming to an end. Then Revel will whistle the end of recess for the prisoners.

But as always in Plus Belle La Vie, nothing goes as planned. Then the timer will be countered by an assault.

Meanwhile, Pavel, isolated from everyone, will disguise himself as a force of order. A way then to pack up without getting toasted.

However, we don’t yet know if Andrés, his real name, will manage to get out of prison. For now, his plan seems to be going wonderfully. And the rest? To be continued …


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