Plus belle la vie Pavel about to kill Boher and Léa!


Yesterday, “Plus belle la vie” fans were certainly afraid for Jean-Paul Boher! Indeed, Pavel was on the verge of killing him.

The viewers of “Plus belle la vie” know it well, Pavel has a stubborn grudge. Determined to avenge his daughter’s honor, Luna’s ex didn’t hesitate to set a trap for Boher so that he could eliminate him.

At the moment, the writers of “Plus belle la vie” are working hard to spice up the various plots of fiction. For starters, bad news keeps rolling for Sabrina.

Lately, the young woman had to face the death of Chloe caused by her many health concerns. In the process, she, who was undergoing sexual harassment from her boss, decided to settle accounts with him.

Unfortunately, Sabrina will also lose her job to Nathan’s chagrin. And this detail will fuel tensions within his roommate.

Since Stan’s failed escape from Les Baumettes, Mila has had Thomas’s ex-colleague in her sights. To make matters worse, Alison’s sister also brings him closer to trying to steal Jeanne’s brooch.

But Mouss arrived in their room in time to stop his misdeeds. Tired, Sabrina therefore wishes to leave her roommates!

If Nathan tries the best he can to hold her back, Dr. Leserman’s son will not be able to do so indefinitely. But other characters from “Plus belle la vie” also have quite a few problems in their private spheres.

Like Jean-Paul! The latter got into trouble by canceling his marriage to Irina. Hurt that he caused his daughter’s misfortune, Pavel now wants to kill her.


If Pavel wants to eliminate his ex-son-in-law, he also wants to make him suffer by attacking those around him. Lately in “Plus belle la vie”, Luna’s ex did not hesitate to mortally wound Leah.

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Fortunately, Emilie’s sister quickly got out of it. To make matters worse, Jean-Paul does his best to find Samia.

A few days ago, her daughter’s mother mysteriously vanished. Wanting to trap him, Irina therefore assured her ex-fiancé that she and her father did indeed hold the young woman.

In reality, this is a decoy. Once arrived at the meeting place, Boher will realize the deception.

Determined, Jean-Paul is not going to weaken in the face of Pavel although he threatens him with a weapon. But yesterday in “Plus belle la vie”, Léa tried everything to save her best friend before the authorities arrived.

Sensing the tide, Lucie’s dad finally lets Pavel escape, who assures him that he is not done with him. Obviously, the mobster always seems ready to do battle!


Over the course of the episodes, Boher will lift the veil on Samia’s disappearance. To begin with, Ariana tells him about recent discoveries about her.

She informs him that the latter would have left of her own accord for Algeria. Despite the evidence, Jean-Paul finds it hard to believe that his ex left everything without a hint of regret for Lucie.

Unfortunately, Patrick’s colleague will have to face the facts. Samia seems to want to start a new life far from the Mistral and those close to her. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”.


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