Plus belle la vie: Patrick doubts Mazelle and explores!

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Commissioner Mazelle will have some worries to be made. Indeed, Patrick Nebout will investigate him!

In the upcoming episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Patrick Nebout will question the case of Commissioner Mazelle. Urged on by prosecutor Revel, he even goes to investigate his superior.

In recent weeks, there have been many twists and turns in “Plus belle la vie”. Mila has finally succeeded in making Mouss des Baumettes escape.

As a reminder, he was wrongly accused of the murder of Monique Perrier. Now free, Luna’s sidekick is very discreet in the Mistral.

Determined to bring down Mazelle, Mouss will obviously be able to count on the unwavering support of Mila.

For his part, Boher’s supervisor is working extra hard to be able to eliminate him. Being responsible for his accident which made him paraplegic, Commissioner Mazelle is afraid that the situation will turn against him.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, he also laid off Leo who is aware of all his shenanigans. But Barbara’s dad is no longer the only one wondering about her case.

In fact, Patrick Nebout, who took over the “Mouss affair”, will – in turn – investigate Mazelle!


At this moment in “Plus belle la vie”, the prosecutor Revel is overwhelmed by all the actions of Mazelle. Besides Mouss’s escape, Johanna’s ex-companion also blames him for the recent mutiny at Les Baumettes.

For his part, Patrick Nebout also feels that the commissioner seems to have a lot to blame himself for. Babeth’s husband even wonders about his involvement in the murder of Monique Perrier.

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Lea’s father-in-law is obviously approaching the truth … Because it was indeed his colleague who orchestrated the assassination of Claire’s friend to have Mouss Bongor accused – wrongly.

Convinced by his hypotheses, prosecutor Revel will therefore let him investigate this lead. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.



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