Plus belle la vie: Mouss is homeless because of Mazelle!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Mouss will use stratagems to try to escape Commissioner Mazelle for good!

New twists are coming in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, Mouss will disguise himself as a homeless man to deceive Commissioner Mazelle. And you will see, his idea is very ingenious.

At the moment, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” are eagerly following various intrigues. The main one is focused on Mouss Bongor.

For several weeks, Nathan’s roommate had been living through hell at Les Baumettes! Indeed, he was wrongly accused of the murder of Monique Perrier – Claire’s best friend.

And it was the terrible Commissioner Mazelle who orchestrated it all! Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, fans of the fiction learned that Boher’s supervisor was responsible for Mouss’s accident which left him paraplegic.

Being a few months away from retirement, the latter – wanting to avoid a scandal – wanted to silence him! But it is bad to know those around Mouss who scrambled to get him out of prison.

Mila – supported by Luna and Claire – managed to make the young man from Les Baumettes escape! Obviously, Commissioner Mazelle is on his heels. And Prosecutor Revel is also beginning to question this case.

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Mouss will use an incredible trick to deceive his executioner!


To move around without being noticed in the Mistral, Mouss will therefore disguise himself as a homeless person. Thus, he will be able to learn about all of Mazelle’s actions without putting himself in danger.

In addition, Luna’s sidekick will also take the opportunity to find Mila. Madly in love with each other, their reunion may move fans of “Plus belle la vie”. But that’s not all !

For his part, Leo is working hard to be able to corner his superior. Unfortunately for him, Commissioner Mazelle is going to lay him off because of this “undeclared” investigation.

Feeling the wind turn, he will also call on Syd to eliminate Mouss and Mila definitively… To be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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