Plus belle la vie: Mistral’s commissioner has arrived!


The brigade in panic! A new commissioner arrives in Plus belle la vie to replace Mazelle … But he looks a little strange!

A new commissioner arrives at the Mistral in Plus belle la vie. After getting rid of Mazelle who turns out to be a rotten, welcome to Cissé. We hope that this one will be a little more balanced. In any case, Boher is not a fan!

Especially since Jean-Paul and his colleague coveted the job. But neither wins. According to their boss, they needed “someone blameless after Mazelle.” Boher then asks who this rare bird is. Apparently, this one came first in the contest.

So this is his first posting. This is someone that nobody knows. A new character in Plus belle la vie. It is therefore Commissioner Cissé. As soon as she arrives, Samia’s ex wants to give her a little update on the whole situation.

This is obviously about Samia’s disappearance. At the moment, Boher thinks it is in Pavel’s hands. He thinks hard about a kidnapping. But Cisse’s response will shock everyone. He doesn’t react at all as expected.


When Boher talks to him about this Cissé affair cuts him off at the first words. “I appreciate your motivation but if you don’t mind I’ll settle down first. This reaction does not please the policeman at all, who is a little on edge.

He replies to his colleague: “Samia has been kidnapped and is he going to put away his pencils?” We can tell that the atmosphere may be a bit tense between the two men. Especially since Boher is having a bit of a bad time in Plus belle la vie.

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He will soon realize that Samia was not kidnapped. She decided to leave to make a fresh start in another country. But that’s for the next episodes of Plus belle la vie.


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