Plus belle la vie: many characters will leave the Mistral!


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, many characters will leave the famous Mistral district. After the departure of Samia Nasri, the members of her entourage could leave the Mistral in their turn. Who could leave the soap opera Plus Belle la Vie?

For them, is the adventure of Plus Belle La Vie over? Indeed, the future of Jean-Paul, Lucie, Hadrien and Lougane has something to question.

And for good reason, all are attached to Samia Nasri. Problem, actress Fabienne Carat is leaving the series. Once and for all !

Thus, the disappearance of this flagship character cannot remain without consequences on the plots of the soap opera Plus Belle La Vie. With his departure, his relatives will experience upheaval.

Will they have to leave the Mistral in their turn? First, let’s focus on Jean-Paul, played by Stéphane Hénon. While he has called off his marriage to Irina, the father of the bride intends to avenge him.

In short, Pavel would like to find Jean-Paul to teach him a good lesson. After all, he broke the heart of the Ukrainian policewoman.

So, one might wonder if Jean-Paul might not soon be able to take his last breath. However, according to the revelations of All La Télé, this character should be highlighted during the year 2021.


What about little Lucie, Samia Nasri’s daughter in Plus Belle La Vie? For many years, this character has been seen only in the presence of his parents.

So what will become of her with a relative far from her neighborhood? Will she stay with her father, Jean-Paul, as usual?

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In any case, she’s not the only one in danger in Plus Belle La Vie. The roles of Hadrian Walter, the one she was to marry, and her mother, do not seem relevant anymore either.

Without forgetting his relatives in the political world. Namely, Lougane, the opportunistic mayor. As well as the far-right MP Barrault, his number one political enemy. They could therefore disappear!


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