Plus belle la vie: Lucie collapses when Samia disappears!


Right now in “Plus belle la vie”, Samia’s disappearance worries everyone around her. Like Jean-Paul and their daughter Lucie.

At the moment, the disappearance of Samia greatly intrigues viewers of “Plus belle la vie”. But it is bad knowledge of Jean Paul who is struggling to find her.

As always, many intrigues are to be followed in “Plus belle la vie”. Lately, the writers have put the dishes in the big ones to delight fans of fiction.

Last I heard, nothing is going well for Sabrina! After his escape from Les Baumettes failed, Stan ended their relationship. To make matters worse, the pretty brunette can’t stand her other roommates anymore.

Like Mila and Mouss who spin the perfect love before his eyes. Pushed by Nathan, she still managed to find a new job as a waitress.

Unfortunately, his employer is abusing the situation and his status! Wanting to help her friend Chloe, Sabrina will – for a time – keep silent before reacting.

But she’s not the only “Plus belle la vie” character to be in turmoil. Yes, Jean-Paul is too. A few days ago, Patrick’s colleague decided to call off his marriage to Irina.

The latter finally realized that he was head over heels in love with Lea. Lucie’s dad was also surprised to discover that Samia still loved him.

Lost in her feelings, she – for her part – ended her relationship with Hadrien. Following the scandal, Lougane demanded her resignation from her post as deputy mayor.

Visibly overwhelmed by all these events, Samia seemed to want to leave Marseille. And recently, the pretty brunette is not found to the chagrin of those close to him.

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At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul is struggling to find Samia! Very worried, he is also afraid that Pavel has come after her.

As a reminder, Luna’s ex will do anything to save his daughter’s honor. He didn’t hesitate to mortally wound Leah for revenge.

Fortunately, his life is no longer in danger. But with Pavel and his team around, caution is in order.

Unfortunately, the investigation undertaken to locate Samia is slipping. The clues are minimal.

Anguished by this situation, little Lucie has a hard time managing her emotions. Wanting to protect her, Jean-Paul tries to minimize things so as not to worry her more.

Despite her young age, her daughter understood that she could never see her mother again. Hurt, she will have harsh words against her father.

Fortunately, Boher can count on Estelle’s support. But also on that of Léa.


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul will get a little closer to the truth. And he might well fall from a height.

On the Web, Internet users are divided! While some believe Pavel and his daughter kidnapped Samia, others do not share this point of view.

According to their posts, they are convinced that Hadrian’s ex simply packed up. And that she would not have endured this succession of failures in her love life.

Who is telling the truth ?! For now the mystery remains. To be continued !


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