Plus belle la vie: Lougane says Samia has disappeared!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, if Samia’s disappearance will worry her relatives, she will fix Lougane’s affairs!

Nothing is going well in “Plus belle la vie”! While the disappearance of Samia will sow the wind of panic in the Mistral, Lougane does not necessarily seem without concern. Quite the contrary.

At the moment, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” are eagerly following various intrigues! One of them particularly holds fans of the series on their toes.

It is also focused on Samia. To date, the pretty brunette is in full sentimental rout.

Being still in love with Jean-Paul, the young woman finally decided to call off her marriage to Hadrien at the last minute. Unfortunately for Samia, she quickly became disillusioned when she discovered her ex was in love with Lea!

On the pro side, nothing is going well either! Lougane and the rest of the municipal teams want his resignation more than anything.

The mayor blames him for causing too many scandal. In parallel to all this, Barrault is also struggling to put obstacles in the way and make her crack.

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Samia will simply disappear from Marseille. To the chagrin of his relatives!


At the Mistral, rumors are rife! And some characters from “Plus belle la vie” love to peddle them.

Like Lougane. The mayor who wanted to replace her has obviously the tongue hanging out. In addition, the latter also wanted Léa to take Samia’s place as an assistant to restore her image!

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Emily’s sister will be shocked when she hears that Lucie’s mom is missing! Panicked, Babeth’s daughter will then ask Jean-Paul for explanations.

Lucie’s dad, who is well and truly aware of the situation, must – for his part – settle accounts with Irina and Pavel. As a reminder, the latter provoked their anger after canceling his marriage with the beautiful Ukrainian.

But did the terrible duo really kidnap Samia ?! It is quite possible that this was a trap and that Samia simply left Marseille on her own. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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