Plus belle la vie: Léa tells about Samia’s disappearance!


New twist in your Plus belle la vie series! The young Léa has unveiled a capital scoop about Samia’s disappearance!

Jean-Paul Boher is in all its forms. Since Samia’s disappearance, the Captain has not been able to regain a taste for life. He is therefore supported by Léa.

The young woman is trying the best she can to take care of the health of the police sergeant. So she’s going to come to her home with the hope of bringing him good news.

The young woman conducted her investigation on her own, and what she found could be the subject of a lead. She therefore shared it with Jean-Paul Boher.

The latter is very worried that he will no longer hear from his wife. “She leaves her daughter and I orphans. She turns her back on me because I have humiliated her, “he confided to Lea.

Jean-Paul is injured by Samia’s departure. “What am I going to tell Lucie when she asks me where her mother is? », Laments the policeman.


Understanding, Léa will therefore confide in Jean-Paul about Samia. “If I tell you that Samia’s disappearance is more complicated than it sounds? », Says Lea to her friend, who asks her to leave at the risk of suffering, too.

The young woman seems to know things about her friend Samia. Jean-Paul wants at all costs to know what Léa knows about his wife.

But the latter does not necessarily want to tell him what she knows, for fear that the latter will do something stupid. Lea breaks down and ends up telling him what she knows.

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“Yesterday, I was at the city council meeting, and I broke a discussion between two cops. They said they had settled Samia’s account, that she had looked for him, “she confesses with tears in her eyes.

Stunned, Jean-Paul wants to try to understand. “She made them dive, so inevitably, they take revenge,” he admits to Lea, distraught.


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