Plus belle la vie: Jean-Paul has to tell Lucie!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul will try to reassure his daughter Lucie about Samia’s disappearance … Without much success!

In “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul Boher has seen better days. By gradually lifting the veil on Samia’s disappearance, he will have to answer to his daughter Lucie. And it will not be easy.

At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, some Mistralians have a fairly hectic daily life. Like Léa.

Lately, the young woman was fatally injured by Pavel. Fortunately, Babeth’s daughter quickly got out of it.

As a reminder, Luna’s ex does not forgive Jean-Paul for having called off his marriage to Irina at the last minute. He also blames Lucie’s dad for breaking his daughter’s heart by hiding his face about his feelings for Lea.

Wanting to save his honor, Pavel vowed to take on everyone around him. To make matters worse, the authorities are also struggling to get their hands on him!

In parallel to all this, Léa was greatly upset when she learned of Samia’s disappearance from Lougane’s mouth. Wanting to improve his image, he also wants the young woman to join his team at the town hall.

For a time reluctant, Emilie’s sister gradually let herself be seduced by the idea, hoping to make a difference in Marseille. At this moment in “Plus belle la vie”, Léa supports Jean-Paul as best she can.

The latter eventually understood that Samia left Marseille on her own. Not wanting to hurt their daughter, Kevin’s colleague will use tweezers to explain the situation to her.


On a daily basis, Jean-Paul can count on Estelle’s help to take care of Lucie. Coming soon in “Plus belle la vie” while Francesco’s partner looks after her, the little girl will ask her father countless questions about the investigation that would allow him to find her mother.

Embarrassed, Boher will try to reassure her but he will be evasive in his answers. Worried, Lucie will immediately think of the worst!

Thinking that her dad would keep his word by bringing him back his mother, she will also blame him for breaking this promise. Helpless, Irina’s ex will realize that he cannot hide the truth from her indefinitely.

And Jean-Paul gave him more information when the time came. In the turmoil, Patrick’s colleague also benefits from Ariane’s support.

The sparkling policewoman of “Plus belle la vie” understood that the latter sometimes had trouble managing Lucie alone. Touched by their situation, she will offer to take care of the little girl from time to time.


To this day, Samia’s disappearance continues to intrigue fans of “Plus belle la vie”. On the Web, many hypotheses have also emerged.

But no one really agreed. In fact, Samia has decided to leave the Mistral for good.

His sentimental setbacks damaged his morale. In addition, the cancellation of her marriage to Hadrian has permanently damaged her public image.

This new scandal also marked the end of her career as deputy mayor. Tired, Lucie’s mother therefore flew to Algeria to find herself.

Hadrian’s ex is therefore unlikely to return to Marseille anytime soon… To the chagrin of those close to him. To be continued !


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