Plus belle la vie: Jean-Paul draws a line on Samia!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul will have to report to Samia on the feelings he feels for Lea! Nothing is going well in “Plus belle la vie”! While the fans imagined a possible flashback between Jean-Paul and Samia … It is not! And Lucie’s dad seems to be madly in love with Leah to the chagrin of his ex.

In recent days, there have been a lot of twists and turns in “Plus belle la vie”. And one of the main plots of the series centers on Samia and Jean-Paul.

As a reminder, the two characters canceled their respective weddings at the last minute! And indeed, Hadrian’s ex-fiancée realized that she still loved her daughter’s father.

As for Léo Castelli’s colleague, he is obsessed with Léa! Jean-Paul also mentioned his first name when exchanging his vows with Irina.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Samia and Jean-Paul therefore decided to treat themselves to a little evening at a restaurant to put things right. If the pretty brunette shares her feelings with him, Boher does not share them.

Without a filter, Lucie’s dad also confides in her that he loves Leah madly. And this revelation will also upset Samia.


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Lucie will be reunited with her father the day after her evening with Samia. Curious, she also tries to find out more about the respective feelings of her parents.

Lucid, the little girl then realizes that they will never get back together. Once alone, Samia and Jean-Paul decide to explain themselves once again to avoid any misunderstandings.

Stung, Hadrian’s ex-fiancée criticizes his ex for playing with his feelings. Embarrassed, the latter apologizes to him while reaffirming that he is sure of his feelings for Lea.

Unfortunately, his explanations provoke Samia’s annoyance, who prefers to cut the conversation short. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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