Plus belle la vie: Jean-Paul and Hadrien come to blows!


In more beautiful life, Jean-Paul and Hadrien come to blows! Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away! Jean-Paul and Hadrien will fight in Plus belle la vie!

Plus belle la vie is the flagship series of France 3. Yes, for 16 years, the series has been fascinating young and old. Incredible, right?

Yes, every evening, many viewers gather to follow the adventures of the inhabitants of the Mistral.

But a lot of the reason the show is so successful is its truly adorable characters!

Yes, the characters of Plus belle la vie are all super endearing. We, in any case, we absolutely adore NoƩ, Mouss, Mirta, Hadrien but also Jean-Paul

Moreover, in the next episode of Plus belle la vie, these two will come to blows! Yes, unable to get along, Jean-Paul and Hadrien will therefore fight in the middle of the street.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!


Jean-Paul and Hadrien get along less and less well in Plus belle la vie.

And for good reason: the two men are in love with the same woman! Ouch!

Yes, Jean-Paul still has feelings for his ex-wife, Samia, who is about to marry Hadrien. Oops!

And in the next episode of Plus belle la vie, the tension between the two men will therefore rise even further!

And for good reason: after having succeeded in identifying the municipal police officers accused of racism, Samia is the victim of offensive tags on the window of her HQ. Instead of calling her husband, it is Boher, her former partner, that she calls to see the damage.

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A situation which therefore does not please Hadrien.

The tone quickly rises between the two men who even come to blows!

So, are things going to work out between Hadrien and Jean-Paul?

Case to follow!


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