Plus belle la vie: Jean-Paul admits he’s in love!


Jean-Paul gave up marrying Irina in Plus belle la vie. The policeman is torn by his feelings for Leah. Jean-Paul was to marry Irina in Plus belle la vie. The policeman has feelings for Léa and goes to talk to Abdel. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Jean-Paul could well end up with Léa in Plus belle la vie. The policeman dated Samia for several years and even had a baby girl with her. Yet, they divorced several years ago.

Boher had a hard time turning the page with Samia. However, several months ago he met Irina. They investigated Pavel together and eventually discovered his true identity. The two policemen formed a very nice duo.

Everything went very quickly between them and Jean-Paul and Irina ended up dating. Subsequently, they decided to get married in Plus belle la vie and had everything planned for the ceremony.

However, on D-Day, Boher did not pronounce Irina’s first name … but Lea’s! The audience witnessed a big twist from Lucie’s father.


Irina ended her marriage to Jean-Paul after being humiliated in front of everyone in Plus belle la vie. For his part, Boher finds himself in a very bad situation. Samia has feelings for him, but the latter has his sights on Lea.

In the rest of the episodes, Boher goes to meet Abdel at the Mistral bar to talk. He’s going to confide in her that he’s done with Irina and will avoid seeing her because he won’t want to hurt her. Then, he will also want to be very annoyed because he will have a dinner planned with Samia.

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“It was Lea that I proposed in marriage,” Jean-Paul will confide in Abdel. He will be completely lost and will try to find out why he said his first name when he got married. “Maybe I like it,” he said eventually.

Thus, Lucie’s father will understand that he is in love with Léa in Plus belle la vie. Abdel is going to have a hard time believing it, because for him, Boher would have known it a long time ago. He will be somewhat shocked to see that Boher has a crush on his friend and goes so far as to tell her about their age difference …


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