Plus belle la vie: Is Emma pregnant with the second child?


Pink notebook in “Plus belle la vie”? Lately, Baptiste let Emma know that he wanted to have a second child with the young woman.

On a daily basis in “Plus belle la vie”, Baptiste is a real daddy hen with his little Mathis. Thérèse’s brother would also like to have a second child with Emma.

The viewers of “Plus belle la vie” continue to follow with enthusiasm various plots of fiction. The disappearance of Samia upset the Mistral.

Determined to find her, Boher goes to great lengths to move the investigation forward. Thinking that Pavel has kidnapped his ex, Lucie’s dad will however be on the wrong track. And he will fall from above upon learning the truth.

Other characters in “Plus belle la vie” have seen better days as well. Indeed, Emma is not in top form.

At the moment, she is only dealing with boring GTS files. Little motivated, she even drags her feet to go to work.

To make matters worse, Mathis sulks her. He seems to prefer that Baptiste only take care of him. Very happy in his role as a stay-at-home father, the latter even made a nice request to his partner.


Yesterday in “Plus belle la vie”, Baptiste put the dishes in the big for his sweetheart. The young man took Emma to their old building to ask if she wanted to have a second child with him.

Touched by her man’s beautiful statement, she didn’t really have time to formulate her response. And Thomas’s son takes that for a “yes”.

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In addition, Franck interrupts them immediately. As Baptiste shares the happy news, Emma indirectly shares her reservations with him.

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, the couple will still experience ups and downs. Indeed, Emma does not thrive like Baptiste in her parenting role.

Sometimes overwhelmed as a mom, she will do something irreparable in the next episodes of the series. Indeed, the young woman will have a great fright when her son will escape her vigilance.

Annoyed by her behavior, Baptiste will not forgive her for being negligent. Pushed to the limit, Emma will even take refuge with Caesar. The mistake too many ?! To be continued…


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