Plus belle la vie: he believes he has feelings for Léa!


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Jean-Paul Boher could reveal his romantic feelings to Léa, the daughter of his colleague.

Could Léa and Jean-Paul succumb in each other’s arms? Convinced that he is madly in love with her, the policeman will reveal his feelings to her in the next episode of Plus Belle La Vie.

Jean-Paul is lost! If the police officer were to marry Irina, the beautiful Ukrainian woman who capsized his heart in Plus Belle La Vie, her heart does not belong to him.

Indeed, Lucie’s dad does not know where to turn. So to find out more clearly, he first called off his marriage to the policewoman.

And for good reason, Jean-Paul, played by actor Stéphane Henon, thought he liked Samia Nasri. However, despite her feelings, she did not deign to find him.

Since then, this essential character of the soap opera Plus Belle La Vie has found himself all alone. So, Jean-Paul needs company. And quick !

So, the latter is convinced that he is still madly in love with his great friend, Lea. In short, the nurse and the policeman have shared a great bond since the gymnasium accident.

However, there was nothing more than friendship between them. At least, that’s what Patrick Nebout’s daughter thought. So, she won’t hesitate to put it back.


Indeed, Léa does not have her tongue in her pocket. So faced with an unarmed Jean-Paul, in Plus Belle La Vie, she does not feel the slightest pity towards him.

Baffled, the one who recently annulled his marriage will then retract. In short, Jean-Paul will assure her that she is right. Between them, it is only friendship.

For her part, Léa seems to be reassured in Plus Belle La Vie. It’s quite simple: she loves their friendship and wouldn’t want to change it for the world. Hard blow !