Plus belle la vie: Fabienne Carat confides her departure!


After fifteen years of good and loyal service in Plus Belle La Vie, Fabienne Carat left the series. Does she regret?

Actress Fabienne Carat left the series Plus Belle La Vie, in which she had starred for over fifteen years. Does she have any regrets?

Would it be a small heartache for actress Fabienne Carat? This Friday, January 8, she has indeed left the series Plus Belle La Vie.

For more than fifteen years, the pretty brunette had lent her features to Samia Nasri. Thus, we must believe that the co-star of Stéphane Hénon (Jean-Paul Boher) could already regret.

So, in an interview with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs, the actress indulged in some confidences.

His departure ? She lived it with a lot of “gentleness, thoughtfulness, respect, love and emotion”.

However, the one who has embodied Plus Belle La Vie for so long refuses to backpedal. She’s gone, and it’s not for nothing.

Indeed, Fabienne Carat can boast of having a great project in mind. That is to say … “the music”. “I write and record a lot of songs at the moment. ”


However, the former Plus Belle La Vie actress has “no other plans.” Moreover, this is what worries those around him a lot.

“Everyone says to me, ‘Are you going for something?’ But no, I’m going for nothing! I’m going for myself, just for me. I want to take risks, to start from scratch. ”

One thing is certain, Fabienne Carat will never forget her character from Plus Belle La Vie. Although they did not look the same!

“Even though we don’t have the same tastes and the same motivations,” said the actress, “we have the same energy and the same strength. ”

Especially since she is very proud of how Samia Nasri has evolved. She is “an example of non-fatality. The environment we grew up in is not an end in itself. “


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