Plus Belle La Vie: Emma’s son is about to disappear!


In Plus Belle La Vie, young Emma will lose her son, Mathis, in one of the next episodes while at the market.

Attention spoilers! In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Emma’s son, little Mathis, will disappear.

The return of Emma and Baptiste in the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie will not be easy.

Indeed, the two lovebirds will soon find themselves at the heart of a big intrigue. Thus, this one will be linked to their little boy, Mathis.

Emma hasn’t been home often in recent months. The reason ? The young woman was working on a huge project for the company GTS enemy Australia.

Thus, the young mother lost her ties with her son, too used to staying with Baptiste (Bryan Trésor). Besides, he doesn’t even show her the slightest sign of affection.

So when Emma finds herself alone with him, the pretty brunette can’t handle it anymore. And as proof, he will slip through his fingers!

So, mother and son in Plus belle la vie will take a little walk in the market. However, Mathis will let go of his hand before disappearing …


Indeed, Emma will lose sight of Mathis in a future episode of Plus Belle La Vie. So after a few minutes of panic, she will contact her friend Kévin.

Of course, the child was found safe and sound. However, Baptiste will be very angry with his wife for losing her vigilance with Mathis.

Thus, the two lovebirds will not stop arguing. While the tea towel burns between them, Emma will ring at Caesar to take refuge.

Problem, Caesar spins the perfect love with Barbara. But a while ago in Plus Belle la Vie, he only had eyes for Emma.

So Barbara is worried. She then blames her boyfriend for helping her former mistress in the middle of a relationship crisis.


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