Plus belle la vie: Emma’s sister about to disembark!


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Emma will be totally upset! Indeed, the young woman will find her younger sister Camille.

A new twist to come in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, Emma will be surprised to find her little sister Camille. The latter has a heavy past.

At the moment, many intrigues are to be followed in “Plus belle la vie”. And some fictional characters have a pretty hectic daily life.

Like Léa! A few days ago, the young woman was fatally injured by Pavel. As a reminder, Luna’s ex decided to attack Boher’s entire entourage after he called off his marriage to his daughter.

Moreover, Lucie’s dad is head over heels in love with Babeth’s daughter. Although Léa is fond of her, she has always been drawn to women.

But over time, Doctor Riva’s colleague will be totally lost in her feelings towards her. It must be said that the two characters are very close.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Lougane, who wants her to join her team at town hall, revealed to her that Samia had mysteriously disappeared from the Mistral.

Shocked by this news, Leah will then demand accountability from her best friend. Thinking of finding his daughter’s mother, Boher reveals to her that it was indeed Pavel who kidnapped Samia.

Patrick’s co-worker also asks him to remain silent before finding Irina’s father. Unfortunately, this is a trap. Wanting to help Jean-Paul, Léa will tumble down to the meeting place to try to save the day.

Soon, fiction fans will have a little surprise. Indeed, a new character will tumble in Marseille!


Named Camille, the mysterious young woman seems totally lost. Dressed in simple pajamas, she will end up stealing an apple for food.

But it will be taken with its hand in the bag! Know that her story is linked to… that of Emma.

According to “Star Actu”, it would be his little sister. Indeed, it has been several years since the two women have seen each other.

And it was a terrible drama that separated them. In the past when Emma looked after her younger sister, Mathis’s mother lost sight of her.

Subsequently, Camille was kidnapped. And obviously, the latter seems to have managed to escape her captor.

But in “Plus belle la vie”, there are always twists! His problems are far from over.

Unsurprisingly, the reunion between Emma and Camille will be moving. Baptiste’s companion will even offer to host him.

Wanting to make up for lost time, things will not be easy. In parallel to all this, the colleague of César manages her private life not without difficulty. And she seems tired of her tasks at GTS.


Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Baptiste made a nice statement to his wife. Indeed, the young man wishes to enlarge their family.

But Emma doesn’t seem too excited about getting pregnant again. On a daily basis, Thomas’s daughter-in-law realizes that she is very busy with her work.

So much so that Mathis is disdainful of her taking care of him. One day when she is alone with her son, the young mother will even lose sight of him.

Fortunately, the little boy will be found safe and sound. Annoyed by this mishap, Baptiste repeatedly criticized him for this carelessness.

Unfortunately, this series of criticisms will ignite the powder. Wounded, Emma will find comfort with César to the chagrin of her darling… but also of Barbara who now shares the life of the boss of GTS! To be continued…


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