Plus belle la vie: Emma’s secret about her upcoming past?


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, the secret of Emma, ​​Baptist’s companion, could soon be revealed.

Emma, ​​essential character of Plus Belle La Vie, would hide a heavy family secret. Baptiste’s wife will be caught off guard in the next few days!

Fan of Plus Belle La Vie, do you adore Emma and Baptiste? This is very good. The two lovebirds will be back soon in the next episodes.

Indeed, Mathis’s parents will once again be at the heart of an intrigue. Especially Emma, ​​played by actress Pauline Bression, who hides a huge secret.

In all these years, the pretty brunette who works at GTS has never mentioned it. No one would know that she actually has a little sister.

So soon, her little sister, Camille, will be pointing her nose at the Mistral, an emblematic neighborhood of Plus Belle La Vie.

And the least we can say is that Emma will be totally upset. First, to see his family secret come to light.

But in addition, to spend time with her again. Especially since Baptiste’s wife never thought to see her again.


Indeed, Emma experienced a trauma in her teenage daughter. Her little sister, whose age is not yet known in Plus Belle La Vie, was reportedly kidnapped.

Thus, the young woman was walking by his side. But in a fraction of a second, Emma would have lost sight of Camille, disappeared, and would never have seen her again.

So Emma thought she would live to the end of her life without her little sister. With her return, she will then try to figure out what happened on that sad day.

But, as always in Plus Belle La Vie, the reunion will not go as Camille would have liked. Her captor, Jacob, harasses her again.

So if Camille will stay with her big sister and Baptiste, she will still remain under his control. To be continued …


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