Plus belle la vie: can Luna give Bertrand a second chance?


Luna met Bertrand several months ago in Plus belle la vie. Mirta’s daughter could give the physiotherapist a chance.

Luna had a hard time choosing between Pavel and Bertrand in Plus belle la vie. She does not intend to give the physiotherapist a chance in the rest of the episodes. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Luna has a hard time putting her feelings with Bertrand to rest in Plus belle la vie. Several months ago, Mirta’s daughter discovered that Andres was Pavel. She had a great love affair with the educator and ended up breaking up with him.

Andrès ended up going to prison and Luna went through her rehabilitation with Bertrand. The physiotherapist tried to flirt with her for months and it seemed to be working pretty well. Indeed, Mouss’s friend was under his spell and wanted to experience something with him.

However, since Mouss’s escape, nothing has worked out between Luna and Bertrand in Plus belle la vie. Andrès learned that Luna was in a relationship with Bertrand and was mad with rage. So, he did try to get revenge, but Luna made it clear with him.

Luna will not recover with Pavel in the rest of the episodes. However, she does not seem to want to give Bertrand a chance.


In the sequel to Plus belle la vie, Luna will find Bertrand and the two characters will sleep together. The physiotherapist will be happy to find Mirta’s daughter and will think he can form a couple with her again.

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Still, Luna is going to be very clear with Bertrand and won’t want to get attached to him any more. “It was the last time Bertrand,” she will tell him. Even if the physiotherapist does her a lot of good, she won’t want to stay with him because they don’t have the same expectations.

While Luna will want a simple and light story, Bertrand will already be too addicted to her. What to scare the daughter of Mirta who will simply want to enjoy life.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” she finally tells him. Luna will not be ready to commit at all and will prefer to leave it there with Bertrand. A break that promises to be difficult for the physiotherapist of Plus belle la vie …


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